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After several months of work suspension, Marxton Construction opened its job site last July 8, 2020. Initial construction activities include uprooting of tree trunks and clearing of debris including earthmoving. Construction activities were suspended early this year after PMA authorities sought extension for the approval of required tree cutting at the job site. DENR this month, approved PMA’a application for tree cutting that paved the way for the resumption of work.


The PMA Project involves construction of Multi-Story Parking Building inside PMA. It is intended to address the lack of parking space at the military academy especially during graduation and annual homecoming. The capacity of the parking building is thirty-eight light vehicles and is located near the motor pool. It is expected to be completed within one hundred eighty calendar days and the project costs more than eight million pesos.



Due to the Covid19 Pandemic that caused the ongoing Lockdown in the province during first quarter of the year, construction activities at Angat District Hospital were suspended. For several weeks, all project employees were forced to stay at home as part of the quarantine protocol set by the government. During this period, when many company workers were left without income, Marxton Construction provided assistance to them by providing relief goods and cash advances.


As soon as the government lifted the quarantine order in Bulacan last June 2020, Marxton Construction immediately mobilized its work force assigned at the project. But before it was able to do that, every returning workers were given Covid19 Rapid Test, cost of which was shouldered by the company. Gladly, everybody tested negative and were ALLOWED TO GO BACK TO WORK.


Now, after more than a month of continuous work, the project is nearing completion. Few remaining activities left are Tiles and Electrical completion. All other construction activities were done according to the revised timeline earlier submitted before the lockdown.

Marxton Construction

Meeting Our Commitments

This is the core capability of the company. In both administrative and technical aspects of the construction business, Marxton Construction performs its job with confidence thus allowing itself to finish the job on time and according to specifications.

Marxton Construction

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Key to Customer Satisfaction and Business Sustainability

The company adheres to sound Project Management practices that allow for efficient operation which ultimately lead to effective cost control, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction

Marxton Construction

Our Vision

The company contributes to the development of the country thru employment generation, tax payments.

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Marxton Construction

Our Mission

The mission of Marxton Construction is to build roads, bridges, irrigation systems and buildings for the Filipinos.

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Marxton Construction

Our Core Values

The company delivers its services in a professional manner. Its staff is being trained to display utmost regard.

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Marxton Construction

Quality construction. Honest service. Great value.

Our Total Management Improvement System (TMIS) allows us to adjust the way we do business in such a way that such adjustment will results to faster construction activities and lower cost but not compromising quality and adherence to industry and government construction standards. This is the kind of value we produce for all our stakeholders including the company. Indeed, it results to real Win-Win situation.