Message from the President

mendoza vic

Dear Friends,

Construction in the Philippines shall continue to boom as both the government and private sectors are at the forefront of initiating development projects around the country. And this is being fuelled by the growing Philippine population which increases by two percent per year. This situation creates demands for more infrastructures like roads, bridges, housing, schools, irrigations, power, communication and transportation.


Given above, there are opportunities for high earnings in construction related businesses. The profit margin in the industry has always been stable at around fifteen to twenty percent per year. This is much higher than the customary interest income from bank savings, time deposits and even investment in bonds and other securities.


I urge individuals, especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), professionals and retirees to consider putting your hard earned money in the construction business. There are ways how these opportunity may be availed so that your money can earn passive income. If you are interested, simply click the button PARTNER WITH US and fill up the form. Once we received them, we will send you details to guide you in your possible investment decision.


I thank you for giving time visiting our website. Let us work together and help build our country.




Vic Fernandez – Mendoza