Message from the President


Dear Friends,

Construction in the Philippines shall continue to boom as both the government and private sectors are at the forefront of initiating development projects around the country. And this is being fuelled by the growing Philippine population which increases by two percent per year. This situation creates demands for more infrastructures like roads, bridges, housing, schools, irrigations, power, communication and transportation.


Marxton Construction was born three years ago. Since then, the company had undertaken a number of both public and private projects which now serve as a showcase of its technical expertise to construct, competence to manage projects including its social and civic awareness to take care of its people and the environment.


As we look ahead, we see many opportunities in the industry. For this reason, we take conscious efforts to upgrade our overall proficiency in order to seize prospects and eventually grow as an organization.


I thank you for giving time visiting our website as I assure the public that Marxton Construction will not waver in its mission to help build our country.




Vic Fernandez – Mendoza